The film "Kiev is our city"

Serial script «Kiev is our city»

The main character of the film Sergei Gymalaisky had very interesting and eventful life: a half-starved childhood and sports progresses, loved ones and not so women, business, “protection” of bartenders, directors of meatpacking plants and other Soviet “businessmen” who illegally earned in one day the amounts several times higher than the monthly salary of an ordinary citizen…

Unfortunately, remained only the memories of this life, because all his youth friends, who plunged headlong into gang warfares, died, and now he can only restore their faces in his memory, viewing old photos and reading yellowed newspaper clippings.

Suddenly he encounters a certain mystical force, whose representative looks like an old and even a little bit “cinematic” Chinese, which offers to Gymalaisky a second chance. He can go back to the past, to the moment where all his friends are still alive and can try to fix everything that they “heaped up” in the previous, “first” life, and also try to save the lives of his friends.

He “knows in advance” many things because he remembers from that “first version” of his life. But the problem is that among friends he is the youngest one and he cannot convince them that he really knows how to act in some situations. In some, but not in all because having avoided mistakes made in the past, he changes the slim material of existence, many events develop in a completely different way from how they happened in the “first” life, and in this new reality he has to make the same choice, but already without the knowledge of which of the choices is correct.

Events around him are developing not in the right way: already in a completely different scenario this “second life” turns out to be no less intense than the “first”. Starting with the protection of Jews leaving for Israel, whom the state was not going to save from bandit “raids”, the gang of Gymalaisky gradually pick up big and not so Kiev crooks, and also organize groups of prostitutes who begin to work in Kiev bars, later “conquering” ” Intourist” and other hotels for the foreigners.

The story of the gang is closely intertwined with the history of the country: one of the friends dies in Afghanistan, where he goes due to the forced parting with his beloved, the daughter of an important party functionary who cannot allow his daughter to tie her fate with the “wrong” person.

A neighbour of Gymalaisky with a nickname Malvina (for very close people Gala), also goes to Afghanistan. She has been guarded by him since childhood: a picture of beauty with a breathtaking gait, who, despite her youth, took a rather high position in the gang. This trip will make it possible to organize the illegal import of emeralds and other precious stones into the USSR and thanks to this import the gang will enter the all Soviet Union level and later, in a certain sense, the international level (for example organization of the brothels in Austria, South America and in Ceylon, also organizing a transshipment base for smuggling diamonds from Sierra Leone).

A lot of money leads to the fact that some of the former friends practically lose their human appearance. Therefore, when suddenly some strange things begin to happen and to lead to the death of some of them, Gymalaisky does not immediately pay attention to the fact that these events did not develop in a completely natural way.

There are also three reasons which do not permit to Gymalaisky to understand what exactly is happening. Firstly, he is busy with business development, gradually moving away from frankly criminal things. However, business in the USSR is also prohibited, so Gymalaisky is at risk no less than his friends.

Secondly, Gymalaisky helps Malvina to find her family. Malvina is the granddaughter of a well-born Italian, Earl Cucinotta. During the war her grandmother Maria and the young Italian, who did not support the official politics of his country and fought against fascism, met and fell in love while working in Germany. Later, due to the Iron Curtain they were never able to meet again and Maria, as the wife of an Italian fascist, was knocking about the Gulag camps for a long time. Gymalaisky finds Malvina’s grandfather and helps them to find each other and to solve Malvina’s main problem: as a result of an accident, she lost a child, as well as the possibility of ever having children in the future, as Soviet doctors argued. However, Italian doctors do the impossible and Malvina becomes a mother.

But the main reason why for Gymalaisky it is impossible to determine that his friends are dying not because of a coincidence of circumstances but by the will of one specific person, is the fact that this particular person, to whom he is completely trusted, he could never have suspected.

All events of the film develop against the background of the important events of the epoch. Spectators, especially older one, will easily plunge into the atmosphere of those years, remember the main significant events: the famous “fishing case”, the sinking of the battlecruiser Admiral Nakhimov where some friends of Gymalaisky will die despite of all his attempts to prevent their death by strictly punishing them not to go), the development of cooperation and racketeering in the 90s, the tour of the Taganka Theater in Kiev and, of course, personal victories and tragedies against the backdrop of victories and tragedies of the country …

The songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, which act as the background throughout all the events of the film, will help to make a full immersion in the epoch. Songs of other iconic performers, in a certain way a symbols of that epoch, will sound in the film: Garik Krichevsky, Alexander Rosenbaum and Alexander Novikov.

The film “Kiev is our city” will be shot in four versions, different from each other by the origin of the main character and the history of her ancestors:

The European version: the main character is Malvina, the granddaughter of the Italian Earl Marco Cucinotta. The story of the acquaintance and love in Germany of the earl, an ardent anti-fascist and the member of the French resistance and of Maria, a simple girl from Kiev, where they both worked on a farm. This is the version of the book with which the readers can familiarize.

Preferably the European version project should be led by Maria Grazia Cucinotta. The first version is designed for the emigrants and the people of the post-Soviet countries and, in case of the goodwill of signora Maria Grazia Cucinotta, for the European public.

The American version: Malvina’s grandfather is Italian American Marco Cucinotta. A military sailor, like in the European version, he was taken prisoner. Further the story is made out of the relationship that could exist between four friends, similar to Cucinotta: now famous filmmaker and baseball player Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.         

Preferably the American version project should be led by Alexander Domogarov. The American version is designed for both the American and international public.

The role of Marilyn Monroe, ideally, can be offered to Hayden Panettiere and the role of Di Maggio to Wladimir Klitschko. They even look like these great names of history.

The creation of this film might come in handy to the Klitschko brothers and glorify the City in which Vitali Klitschko currently has the honor to hold office of the mayor. Advertising of the brand “Kiev” would’t be amiss. This kind of films about Kiev do not exist. And since he will soon hold office of the president, it will be possible for Wladimir to apply for the position of the mayor. The film would also help his reputation of the real Kyivan. Since there are no other films about Kiev, the Kyivans have nothing to boast about in this part. But this is at brother’s discretion.

The Chinese version is designed for the people of the Celestial Empire. Malvina’s grandfather is a new Chinese businessman. This version is for the Chinese audience. Preferably the Chinese version project should be led by Fan Bingbing.

The Indian versione is the story of love of Aditya, a blond with blue eyes descendant of the Raja and Maria, a simple girl from Kiev. About friendship and joint struggle between Aditya and Subhas Chandra Bose, one of the leaders of the Indian independence movement. The version is designed for a specific Indian audience. Preferably the Indian version project should be led by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

It is desirable to have music from the Icelandic cellist and composer Hildur Gudnadottir.

It is important that in all versions the role of Malvina will be played by a very beautiful actress with a magnificent shape, who can walk like a real diva.