“Kiev is our city” is a project that incorporates several interconnected and at the same time independent parts. This is a true story about that Epoch. Precisely truthful, without any odour of both Soviet and anti-Soviet propaganda. This is how we actually lived.

A series of 5 books:

  1. “Kiev won’t be lost.” In both electronic and paper versions.
  2. “Kiev is our city”. Only in the electronic version.
  3. “Not only Kiev …”. Only in the electronic version.
  4. “Women from Kiev are the most beautiful in the world.” In the process of writing.
  5. «Odessa. New York. Kiev. Criminal Rhapsody “. In the process of writing.

Tv series project with the general title "Kiev is our city"

The series will consist of 5 seasons with 8 episodes each. The Season 1 script is ready and is registered in the Library of Congress, the world’s most reliable authority in intellectual property rights.

It is planned to use Alexander Rosenbaum, Garik Krichevsky and Alexander Novikov songs, but mainly Vladimir Vysotsky songs, which, according to the authors, reflect better that Epoch.

“Odessa. New York. Kiev. Criminal Rhapsody"

“Odessa. New York. Kiev. Criminal Rhapsody ” – a feature film about the tragic love of an American gangster – a native of Odessa – against the background of real historical events related to the turf war between mafiosi in Ukraine in the late 90s. The film is connected with the project “Kiev is our city” by some common characters. The synopsis will be published after registration in the Library of Congress.

The feature film "Bad Good Story"

The feature film “Bad Good Story”  tells about the events that could happen to four friends who looks like American idols: Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. And the fourth one is a connecting link with the film “Kiev is our city” – Earl Cucinotta. The synopsis will be published after registration in the Library of Congress.

What is the project about? About love and hatred, friendship and betrayal, strength and weakness, decency and infamy. About Our Life.


The second part of the film novel “Kyiv – Our City” tells about the fate of the grown children of the heroes of the first film. They, like the rest of the people of Kiev, were divided into friends and foes.Finally, a true story about the events that divided Kiev into “before” and “after”, into “for” and “against”, into “Kiev” and “Kyiv”, and that divided people into friends and foes. About the events that made yesterday’s friends fierce enemies and that ruined even some families. According to the protagonist of the book the City has disappeared. However, Bulgakov thought so too …


The film is connected with the cycle “Kyiv – Our City” as a place of action – Kyiv, and relatives of the heroes of the first film, living in Kyiv before and during the Second World War. A heartbreaking story about the undeservedly forgotten heroine of the Kiev Jewish underground Tatiana Markus. The realization of the feature film will be possible only with the funding by Jewish patriotic organizations and deep pockets. The events of the film will unfold against the background of a completely wild historical event that took place in the last century and the existence of which has already been doubted by many: all over the world it is known as “Babi Yar”. Why should this project be funded by Jewish organizations? Because the restoration of justice, in fact, is their duty! Although it is hard to believe in obtaining funding. Unfortunately, the authors of the future film did not have time to finish this project by September 2021, when this bloodcurdling crime turns 80.